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Genryu's Blade (2000) Genryu's Blade (2000)

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

A very ambitious animation as it has movement that is both detailed and smooth. The figures had some subtle feature like the hair that keeps waving back and forth. The hair may be annoying to some but it does add personality. All the figures have their own features helping them look human rather then cookie cuts. You also got the anatomy and proportion down nicely. The clothing had believable wrinkles. And the fights were well choreographed.

If I have to fault your animation for anything it does feel cliche as you are having a fight in a subway. For some reason for the location and the personalities of the antagonists I am thinking The Matrix.

But overall great animation.

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Good Citizen Good Citizen

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I like the way you put the short animation together. It is well done. The animation agrees with the music and every thing comes together. The story was truly sad seeing the victim being a kid. It start off with “the hay did you know” like some of the older educational documentary before they had sound. I understand that most of the content are hyperboles and metaphors and not exactly the real content. I liked the hands covering the screen and also the politician having no eyes and then waking up and standing up just to be put down.

What makes this short dark is we are looking at a kid, not an adult. There is more innocence being destroyed and defenselessness being exploited. You see his environment dyeing around him and then he is being poisoned, that is dark. To make it worse it is his mind being poisoned that is arguably worse than maiming someone as the mind is basically the soul and that fire that give us an advantage over other animals. Some can argue fluoride is real fluoride but it can also mean other things such as the media or the educational system and the behavior modifying drugs prescribed to kids. What it seems to be pointing out is some things in society are going to harm the future.

This may not be one of you’re messages you thought to send on purpose; however, the kid is obesity that is one issue. It is a caused by poor parenting financial struggle and also can be linked to the agriculture subsidies, especially the once revolving around sugar, and corn syrup. Cane sugar is not good for you but at least it sends signals to let you know you have enough, high fructose in corn syrup does not give that. One of the policies limits imports of sugar to the US and that led to the rise in production of corn syrup do to corn subsidies. There is an epidemic of kids having obesity and led to early hart disease and type 2 diabetes. It was similar to the lollipop lased with fluoride as now some of the sweets are more bad for you than they were before.

The sinister hand running everything seems to be about some things running the show and, the politician saying it is a democracy and being on the strings. This shows a lot of lies. For one America is not a democracy but a republic. It is a system made to have representative hired by the voters rather than policies made directly from the voters. Some can argue the republic is better than a democracy but I have some criticism to that. I am not all for democracy as it a culture that give more protection and freedom of abuse to ring leaders of the mob. But at times you look at republics seem to give protection and freedom of abuse to syndicates. I do not think there is one big group running the show but there are groups fighting over influencing capital hill and the Oval office as well other republics like the Parliament. It like a civil war as groups fight for their groups hold over society to be the bigger beneficiaries. But those groups are big parties and lobbyist. Another words I am not seeing same dynamic as the Ring of Lord Sorin in Lord of the Rings but rather the Iron throne from Song of Ice and fire. It is families willing to do some immoral and amoral thing to defend their families.

I am confused on everyone will be replace. Are you implying that will be killed? Or will the workforce be automated? Or is there something I am missing. I am not sure why they would kill off the human race. I can pitcher the automation however as that is always happening. I am not sure that is entirely a bad thing. As more resources come in it mean more people can leave hard labor jobs and get more into intellectual jobs. To kill off a majority of the human race would mean fewer minds to solve problems of resource scarcity. I do feel one of the bigger problems with society is people leave it for the groups they are in to guide their morals and that is dangerous.

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KiWiArts responds: would make a good art critic. Kudos to you, really impressive.
Some people could learn from you to have an open mind and not to take every metaphor or hyperboles literal.
Thank you for also bring a few other problems to our attention.

The end is meant more like a bad ending if we don't keep the powers that be in check. Like, why would you bother with a slowly waking up population that might resist and eventually overthrow you, if you reach the technology where control is absolute with robots and artificial intelligence?

ET Excursion 4 ET Excursion 4

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

It is exciting to see this back up again. And it was well done on the cliffhanger. The new voice did got me off gaurd but over time I will get used to it. I am wondering though why did you change the voice, just a change of actors or something. He used to sound like a Stargate gouled and now he new voice sound like Vegeta. The midevil girl seems to be the most believable character in the story as she seems like a simpleton.

The esteem mayor is a Dick. One thing I am wondering is how they can even take down a machine made in 1,000,000 AD. I mean Xleek people are a type three civilization. And this civilization even though in the future does not even seem like a type one. I thought the mayor was a good villain and how he had a short temper. I did not like the trap door with the my As it seem out of place and it did not sound like any of the characters. I also thought the your self and hire a new will only mean to get him an even worse architect especially being sentence to death. Legalism does not work in the long run because at the end you run out of resource to bribe and new means of suffering to extort.

I also will have to say the mayor seems ballsy to call it a bluff. I have a theory of why Xleek did not just kill him and that would be the paradox as well the butterfly effect. He is powerful but at the mercy of paradoxes. It is like Mage the Ascension in that regard they can move and shake heaven and earth and play with the strings of the universe but is that a good idea? Long story short I do not see that as a plot hole.

Looking forward to the next episodes.

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EVanimations responds:

This guy. ^ ;)

I changed Xleek's voice because too many people complained that the old one was too hard to understand. You'll get used to it.

As a villain, Esteemed Mayor Dickface is actually incredibly tame compared to some of the later villains I have planned. Villains that are truly terrifying on a cosmic scale.
At the end of the day, Dictatus merely runs a fragile and bare-bones authoritarian civilization. He and his beloved city are literally at the mercy of the blasted world they are on, and he acts out of desperation.

As for why he called Xleek's bluff, you hit the nail on the head. Good job.
Dictatus has a massive presence in the timeline, and destroying that presence could be disastrous.

George Lucas' Farewell George Lucas' Farewell

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

You know I think George Lucas dose not have it as he did back then but at the same time it can be we just got better standards. It is also the same with Final Fantasy. It was at its best at VI yes you ff VII fans, VI. Jar Jar is annoying because Forty and I can not make you 7 I agree with that. Our childhood had some great memories but then over time we mature and yes we will hold those good memories dear us. Yet at the end we want better. It is like pizza when we are kids we want pepperoni pizzas, but when you get older you want something every vegetable available and less greasy meat. I look at final fantasy for example all the older Y gens liked the SNES ones and hate the new once as they did not get better but our standard did. They could not keep up with the one age group that supported them from the beginning. Well they could but then it would be rated M and be awesome like a Song of Ice and Fire mixed with Mage the Ascension JRPG. And filled with that nice creamy cynicism that we all knew we needed to be raised with like black root in one of George Lucas films Willow. You know that black root that helps grow hair one your chest. But lets look at it the first star wars was not that deep of a story. It does not hold a candle to Children of Men or Social Network.

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

I feel this is one of the best animations I seen, and is among the best in newgounds. I also found it was well executed in many ways when it come to the graphics. The music from E-D was spectacular.

The interpretation I am getting from this dystopia is downfall of the western culture. Frank Herbert once said, âEUoeI donâEUTMt try to predict the future. I try to prevent it.âEUoe In the west there is an idea of shallow good that will make life better and more meaningful. And all you need is a stroke of luck. When it comes to societies were people have more odds stacked against them they begin to believe in luck or a divine force take control over their life, as society will not let them have as much. As the world we live in is going though hard time in the economy the new generation are taking on the idea that luck is were success come from and not hard work. And all it takes is a small odd to get that success, being born in the right family or being at the right place at the right time.

I notice how the lower class seems to be the brown ethic groups and reminding me of the immigrant coming in to the western culture for hope of a better life. But at the end they are exploited for the most part as cattle for the harvest. The story seem to show the goal of the ruling elite of societies and that is playing off of people need to successes in order to harvest them. In the animation they are having their healthy cells harvested so the ruling elite can have eternal youth. Yet, in real life their seems to be the corporation and banks were executives have corporate immunity and leaving the expenses to the investors, consumers and workforces, and the politicians, king, dictators and any other ruler use the population as tax cattle, an idea commonly expressed by the modern philosopher Stefan Molyneux.

The movies show the envy we have for those that make the spotlight like the Hollywood stars. Yet when you get the happy world it seems blissfully empty. The people have mask hiding the rutting ugly faces they truly have. They really on the exploitation on the lower-class to hide what monsters they truly are. It seem like the consuming classes, the upper and middle, will talk about the weather some pop ideals. This is an attempt to avoid talking about how a top down and abuses society cannot hold it self much longer. Some of the great people when you read their bibliographies one may find taking drugs and alcohol and even committing suicide. Making one think is fame and fortune true happiness or is it just a fine mask to cover up your empty self from others.

Sex seems to be a common theme in this story and I do not know how you kept it at Rated T. But when it came to the girl the main protagonist show some interest but tells him self to move on. You are seeing more emotions between him and her. Yet in the other world it seems to be more the pursuit of better and better. It is more physical attraction. Yet it is all-empty at the end. And the one female he ran into at the end was dried up. The tragedy and horror is the one female character does not know what happened to the main protagonist and it all repeat until the society cannot maintain it self.

excellent work

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Rated 2 / 5 stars

You have talent in your animation and everything look nice when it comes to the visuals. Everything seems smooth and well rendered.

What I really do not like about this is the lack of your style. Since Jerry you have been coming up with more original humor. And also Jerry and Wacky Game Jokz for Kidz were original and more in depth humor. The characters in those had dimension. They also had some settle moments that were more serious rather than funny and the story seemed more dimensional.

This seem like you are aspiring to be EagleRapter and you should just do it your way. Not that EagleRapterâEUTMs spas parodies can not be funny they are just shallow and I know your works for a while were more about the personalities of the characters.

I am looking forward for you to get the pony thing done so you can get back to your original humor. And maybe get us off the cliff hanger on Wacky Game Jokz for Kidz.

EVolution-pilot EVolution-pilot

Rated 4 / 5 stars

This is a interesting story. Especially, that the grays are human in the future. I looked at some of the other episodes and they are engaging and keep you interested.

I do feel there is some question that you may plan to answer. Like what happened to earth? Is it around or was it destroyed.

One question I have is this, and that is where the story does fall short for me, why does the government need a desperate alien, sorry Human, for this mission? You would think they would have a long line for the fist time traveler. That seems like one thing in the story to clarify. Is it that the far in the future human are not as much a risk takers as the their homosapains ancestors, they are not fixated on getting laid as the older humans were. When we blasted men in to space or to the moon even working towards Mars we had people lined up because despite the great risk and hardship of the trip its worth the prestige of being the FIRST. And if they are just testing would they fist send a probe? And if they need a test subject would they send a dog or a homosapain on a short trip to see if it does damages? I humored my self with the idea that if the protagonist turned his master down his master would say sorry but you know to much and you should have figured that when stepping in this room you enlisted your self and have no choice but fallow my orders. But is there any test pilots they have up front, people that are not underage and already skilled on operating advance vessels. These test pilot can be hand picked from the government without them noticing until they are selected and given orders. OK so he is very smart and it would not surprise me that everyone of those humans are with an average IQ of 250 but still it does make me wonder what there idea of a candidate is.

Well it may be looking too much into it as it is also a comic story. It does have the Dr Who or Travelers guide though the galaxy feel to it. And I still think it is a great animation and story. It is still a fun story to watch and I am looking forward to you new episode.

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EVanimations responds:

i never even considered any of those things... i guess the idea here is that Scientist Trox is kind of a backwater scientist himself, and is probably privately funded. There's also been a couple of hints dropped here and there that he may be less-than-honest.

CSI: Minecraft CSI: Minecraft

Rated 4 / 5 stars

If only it was longer :(

It was good but it seemed too short.

The voice acting is clear, the animation has a cool style and it is well executed. Good animation.

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Wilhelm Park Wilhelm Park

Rated 5 / 5 stars


I do have to say this is a very well done animation. The characters were well crafted and they seem more planed out. The motion also was believable. I also like the buss as it looks like it is 3D.

It was messed up when she gets attacked and then she is smoking a cigarette like it was a casual date. Then she marries the monster and make an awkward giggle.

Funny story great animation.