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Scale of the Universe 2 Scale of the Universe 2

Rated 5 / 5 stars

This is very well done for an educational interactive media. I like how you got from the estimate of the universe size to the quantum foam and strings.

This is great and I think you should do more of these. One can be on the length of time and life expectancies of things. Or on temperature from absolute zero to the planck temperature and the kugelblitz. These things are fascinating as they go beyond our natural understanding of the universe.

Chocolate Rambo Chocolate Rambo

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

This game is fun and it is also addictive to play. I could not help but playing this game more thinking am worth is Mayor am I worth it. How many more resources are you going to spill just to make a point out of

Thing I think can help the game at a more balance in difficulty.

Keep the trees but overtime they wear down from the firing from both side.

I would like to see the cop have friendly fire sense my weapons can hurt me, it fair.

More weapons like the, Sniper rifle, Shotgun, and flamethrower. The 50 cal Sniper rifle is accurate and guarantee an automatic kill or wounded. But take time to fire. I feel if the swat has shot guns why not me. And flamethrower is great for when they are knocking on the door.

The Chopper should only take one hit from the RPGs. They are not that tough. And it take time to reload the RPGs anyways.

Start off with normal cops then work it up.

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Portal Defenders Portal Defenders

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

It not perfect but it is Bad @$$

Well I will have to give it to the cheaters this is one of the funner games. Or at least it is addicting to play.

The game revolves around the two in charge of this parral Tomb Fulp Dan Paladain. And trying to do everything they can to keep the users from F###ing it up. Yet both side can not have it any other why. Do to the fact in the world of New ground all the Attorneys and Judges are dead or none existent in the first place, making laws suit and contracts out of the question so lets RUMBLE!!!

The Game Shows a great deal of gore as if it is an arena. I have to say it was decency for the player to clean up some of the mess they made, good God I feel sorry for the janitor. The other things I liked about the graphics is it was cute in a punk way, like Little Big Planet. And some of the bosses like Phyco Gold fish seem to Mr in your face! The most MAD part is how the player is a cannibal eating up entrails and brains from his opponents. You even get a Metal eating their brains.

when it comes to game play I think it starts out easy but to rapidly gets too hard. Some of the difficulty should stay such as the AI is smart enough to try and pickle your character in a fight, or when you fight some bosses like Stamper & Jeff they deviate so you can not bomb them. Yet some of it was ridiculous. Like when Stamper and Jeff come in, Jeff (if that is the one with the glasses) come in to give you a hurricane of fists. I call him Agent Smith from the Matrix. And when you attack him he retaliate fast and give you a world of hurt. Most of the time I let Stamper hoist Jeff up so he can fart out bugle gum, I guess... That is when I attack as he can not retaliate and give me ass much of a world of hurt. I also found that he has a short arms reach so if you keep him at a distance it is like dominating a lien.

Just when you are exusted from fighting those two, you get to Immediately fight a Hitler wantabe name Wadolf. This fight got me so flustrated and I only beaten him twice. It is not very easy to fight Wadolf as he and his minions, from maddness, get a chance to pin you down you are screwed. Yeah, this game has the Golden Rule of Gaming "what you can do to them they can do to you."

I will have to admit I use the pin you down tactic on my opponents as I pin the enemies down and see how high I can get the combos. The other cheap trick I found is to run between my enemies with April Fulp and have them hurt each-other. I especially do this when it come to the bosses. I allow there primary weapon to hurt him and his friends. Even Wadolf, I use his death ray to kill a some of his minions to have a five second brake until he conjure more of them.

Also the music is what got me so addicted. So much power I mean it is like there is so much Bad @$$ in the boss music that you would rupture down there. Perhaps the music got me so hyped up in adrenalin that I can take the abuse of the game and not notice it.

For the most part it is a GREAT game Yet it would be nice if it was a little easier or there is a setting. Hell there is a reward system. For those that lose Easy get Wuss and those that win Hard Get BAD @$$!!!.

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Meaty Boner Meaty Boner

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


The graphic and mechanics has a sense of effort. The voice is very clear. Some of the other games I do not see that.

The boner pun got old fast. And It seemed Juvenal at the beginning. It may work for some audience but it did not appeal to me.

The game play was ether too easy or if you die imposable. I was skimming though the game but then I fell off the pit and lost all that "meat" so I am pathetic to my enemies and had no chance. I started over and played again shimming though without falling and it was too easy. The boss I have to hand to you was a challenge but not much of one. It took me time to figure out his weakness. The other thing that can improve in the future is to allow the character look down. I was not sure if there is a pit beneath me. I was staying on the low ground for that reason.

You do seem like a good potential in game making so I hope you make some improvements.

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