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Dem Hips Dem Hips

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


I will say the curves are seductive and the motions is very dynamic. You also got most of the foreshortening done right. It interesting seeing all the jewelry and liner on her hair showing she is a dancer. I also notice she is wearing a thong with the same patterns of the background. The muscle tones seem gorgeous. Here look is very inviting with her hair waving around.

For the most part is is very good. Her for arm next to her hips seems a little thin. In fact is seems thinner than her other four arm and that is farther away. despite the fact it may be hiding a little. It still should be thinker that close. Here forearm seemed too straight.

Over all a very gorgeous work.

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BiggCaZv2 responds:

Even looking at the reference material, it looks a bit off, but it is a photo after all. I think the cropping may have been an issue as to why it looks off, but now that you mention it, after the color work, it does look different from how I drew it.

Either or, it wasn't supposed to be a major collab, so in the event we work on a similar pose, I'll definitely keep that in mind. Thanks much.

the Darkness angel the Darkness angel

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


When I look at this it seems like a Erinye or a Furies. I like the flowing affect of the fabric she is wearing and I also like how the wings and the fabric makes a circle. That circle helps make a beautiful composition. I also love how she look into the pitcher. the last thing that works well is the part were she is leaning forward and her hips are leaning back. This helps ad more dynamics to the image.

One thing that confuses me is the blood and the wings it seems like she cuts her self with her own sword? Is she self mutilating? It may be nice to show some spears in the environment closing in so it can imply she was attacked and wounded if that is the case. Also Some may feel that you have the clouds to hind the fact you lack confidence in drawing feet.

Over All it is wonderful work.

ramymagdy responds:

thank you...
I just thought It would be better if she's among the clouds ....